Weekend Review

We had a fabulous weekend here at the Pope House!
It was one of those rare occasions were Andrew had the actual weekend off.
It was also one of the rare occasions were we didn't have a million things planned.

Even though I swore I was done with Sweet Repeats, I ended up going back Saturday morning for the half price day.
I was a good girl and only got JK a few more things. I was hoping to find her some fall dresses that she could wear with tights but there were none in sight.
Oh well.

That afternoon we headed over to Sunnyside for a family reunion.
We stuffed our faces with all the homemade southern goodness and then went home for a family nap. I'm pretty sure we were all passed out within five minutes of walking in the door!

Georgia was good to us this weekend and decided to lower the temps. We spent the majority of the weekend outside and opened all the windows to air out the house.I'm going to regret saying this, but I am ready for Fall! The cooler weather, the jeans, the smell or apples! Mmmmm!

This little bug was so snuggly Sunday that we spent the morning cuddling in our bed! She loves having her Daddy home!

And life is definatly more interesting with him around!After a yummy dinner at Sonic we headed to church. And that wrapped up our weekend!

This week is a big one for us! Wednesday is the day that Andrew will check into his promotion! We aren't 100% sure what all it will entail, but he is more then ready for a new challange.