House Hunt of 2009

Dear Amy,

After spending 3 days in your car, for a grand total of 15 hours, looking for your perfect house I am submitting my application for Best Friend Of The Year Award.
While I considered nominating myself after the first day that I sweated through 90 degree heat to peek in windows, I wasn't sure that was enough to win me the prize.
Then, when I refused to trudge through the armpit high, chigger infested, snake pit to find the fallen sign for both of our dream house (you know, the one we were going to live in and just let the guys live here at my house?) I was sure I had lost the title. But after today's 7 hour adventure, I am ready to claim the award.
Especially after enduring 100 fast paced turn arounds into on-coming traffic, putting my face through a spider web, and holding my bladder for 3 hours while we looked at "just one more house."
Then again, I suppose I did get to have a little fun too.
I had an excellent time putting your pen up my nose and trying not to laugh before you noticed.
And I found our landmarks (roofing signs you wanted to tear out and burn, Gnomes that I was going to pee on, and who could forget the house that needed Gargoyles to protect it from the nasty Hampton devils) extremely hilarious.
Or was all that only funny because I had urine poison from holding my bladder for so long?
Let's get a closer look at those amazing Gargoyles:And Amy, could you tell me why you didn't slow down for me to get a picture of the neon blue rocking chairs, the lion shaped fountain, or the cowboy shadow cutouts that adorned the very same house?
And you did provide me with an amazing lunch, complete with leftover cold burgers as a snack a few hours later.
You liked yours, didn't you Ames? At the end of our journey, just as we were about to give up, the skies cleared and the angels sang and there it was.
The perfect house.
And I'm not just saying that because it is less then 5 minutes from my house.
Although that doesn't hurt the amount of love I have for it.
After reviewing all the evidence, I fully believe that I am the front runner for Best Friend Of The Year.
Even if you are a close second.


bri said...

cute post! YOU should get bf of the year award for all that! haha

Great friend you are indeed!

Amber said...

Glad they found somewhere to live. Hopefully things will go better this time around.

Anonymous said...

you just made me laugh til i cried....and peed my pants a little bit. HA! you are the best friend in the world :)

Kameron said...

I almost peed a litel when you said urin poisoning! Good times and you are a good friend!

JStantonChandler said...

Very funny post! Loved it :)