While I Should Have Been Cleaning...

We have a house full of family coming into town starting tomorrow and I haven't cleaned my house all week.
I had every intention of doing a total deep clean today, but when Josie's Nana called to see if we wanted to go blueberry picking I just couldn't turn her down! I thought the blueberry season was almost over, but by the looks of these bushes we've got at least another month!
Josie's favorite playmate, "Nel" came along with her mom and aunt.
Josie is nutso for Nel!

We picked and Josie ate.Notice her empty bucket?!?!Little blueberry thief!I love picking berries. I think it's totally relaxing and today was a gorgeous day for picking.
And when you can get all these berries for $4 you can't go wrong!After a yummy lunch at Darlene's, I decided to put off cleaning for another couple hours and go to the pool instead.
We had a blast!

On the way home I stopped by Doug's Mugs for some cleaning motivation. Josie even got a special Strawberry Milk treat!

But she didn't get to enjoy it for long...She was a sleepy girl!

See that milk drool?



Betsy said...

So wish we had a blueberry farm. That seems like so much fun.

bri said...

This cracks me up N! She is so stinkin cute! Love the milk drool!

$4 is definitely unbeatable for all those berries! AMAZING! And fresh ones are SO MUCH better! mmmm

Kameron said...

She had to be exhausted to fall asleep mid sip!