My Newest Obsession!

I have been seeing all kinds of projects using old trays and pictures and chalkboard paint.
I was dying to use some somewhere in the house, but everytime I thought of a place all I could think of was all the dust!

Then I remembered that I had a really big painting that we weren't using now that we redid the upstairs bathroom. I know, it's a nice painting. But we are never going to use this theme again. I got it on clearance and we had it in our bathroom for over 4 years so I think I got my money's worth.

I love the frame and thought it would be an awesome chalkboard for our dining room!
I decided to use the spraypaint chalkboard paint and it worked great!I taped off the frame so that it wouldn't get any paint on it.
And then I went to town with the paint.

I am infamous for rushing my projects. I am the queen of impatience.
I usually end up with a crappy project, but I was determined to do this one right.
I even waited 24 hours before doing my second coat!When it was totally dry, I covered it in chalk and erased it so that it would hold the messages I decided to write out.
And then I realized that there wasn't a stud where I wanted to hang it so it sat on the floor while I came up with a plan B.
Now it's up and I am totally in love with it!I put one of our favorite verses on it and plan to change it up often.


Amber said...

I made one too! I hung it in the kitchen and been writing our weekly dinner menu on it. Thanks for the idea!

Betsy said...

LOoks great. I have been wanting one.

JStantonChandler said...

That looks like a fun project! I love the idea of the spray chalkboard paint. I'm itching to try it myself. Glad to know it really works!