Lord Willing And The Creek Don't Rise.

We should have known better then to send our husbands out on a four wheeler ride without any supervision.
Must have been all the chemicals from dying our hair that made us agree to it.

When they left we settled in for a nice quiet card game where I taught Matalie how to count cards. Cause I'm a cool aunt.

After about two hours with no sign of the guys coming back, we started to worry.
Then Scott came tromping in, covered in mud, asking for a flashlight.
Seems Andrew's battery had died in the middle of nowhere and I guess a flashlight was supposed to fix that.

Imagine our surprise when an hour and a half later, Scott called to inform us that he couldn't find Andrew and that now Scott was stuck in a creek.
After denying his request of me going to wake up Mr. Terry at 11 PM, Pearl and I loaded up to go on a search and rescue mission.I brought the trusty old machete, just in case.We found Andrew, covered in mud and looking like he'd just outrun a pack of wild wolves.
Turns out he got sick of waiting for Scott to get back so he pushed the huge four wheeler four miles up a hill to get back to the house.Add that to the 7 mile bike ride that he went on earlier that night and you get one sore Andrew.

When we called Scott to tell him he'd have to hang tight at the creek for 45 minutes he miraculously got the four wheeler unstuck.

Must have been all the snakes that helped him push it out!

I swear, our husbands keep life interesting.


Kameron said...

Yikes! Boys and their toys!