Ready For Take Off

Andrew's parents live in a fly in community.
Pretty much everyone has a plane and instead of just having a normal garage door, they have super huge hanger doors.
It isn't unusual to have to yield to an airplane driving right down the street.
They have lived there for about five years but Andrew and I have never gone up in Curt's plane.
Until last night.
Andrew decided to get brave and go up after dinner so Curt rolled out the plane. It looked so super tiny in there with a whole lotta buttons!

And we both got a little nervous when we saw this on the back of the seats!Experimental?!?! HUH!?!

And when they got in, the tires looked a little, well, flat! But Curt assured us that 250 pounds was not over the baggage limit.

Ahhh, look how excited he was!And they're off!
They flew all over and Andrew even got to take pictures of our house from the air.It was a beautiful night for flying.
For him. Not me.
I'd be all about it if it wasn't for that pesky take off and landing part!
It's nights like last night that I look at Josie and laugh at what a crazy life she is going to have versus what she almost ended up with.
Growing up with planes in the backyard, weekend trips to Florida, and going on vacations across the country 8 times before her second birthday.
And then there's the fact that she is loved an unmeasurable amount by countless people.

Yup, I think this life is going to be better then the alternative. For her and for us!


Crystal said...

Scary!!! Andrew is nuts!

Josie is so blessed to have you as her parents!

Amber said...

He is a brave soul!!!

Sarah Goddard said...

aww that is awesome!!

bri said...

Her life is definitely for the best as it is! You both are wonderful parents to her!

Such an awesome looking night for flying!