Book Club

Just a quick update on my progress with books.

I finished, "Change of Heart" a couple days ago. It was yet another Jodi Picoult book.
I liked it, but had a hard time getting really into it.
It's about a man on death row who wants to donate his heart to the little sister of the girl he murdered. It wound up being good.

I think the reason I had a hard time focusing on the book was because my awesome bloggy friend, Snips, Snails, and Mommy Tales sent me a copy of "The Same Kind of Different As Me" that I have been eagerly waiting for my library to get.

I got it on Monday and started it yesterday. I think I'm already half way through it. It is really good.

This one is a true story about a modern day slave and a rich white woman and how their lives intertwine.

So far I love it.

Thank you SO much for sending it to me Betsy! Bloggy friends are the best!


Betsy said...

That book is addictive. I read it so quickly too! Hope you enjoy!

Crystal said...

I also read Change of Heart! Love Jodi!