Millions of Peaches

Sheena and I took Josie and Julian out to pick peaches in Locust Grove yesterday and were so excited that the blueberries were ready too!
We got a huge bucket of peaches (11 each) and half a huge bucket of blueberries for $10! We split it all up so we ended up with all that fresh fruit for $5!!
I'm going to go back next week and load up so that I can freeze a bunch for the off season.
The weather was great and the kids did a great job finding the blue ones.We all had a great time out in the fields.
Sheena found out that Baby Number Two is a Boy!
We will all meet Cruz Aaron Castellanos in November!Josie is a huge fan of blueberries!
If my mom would hurry up and come visit, she could come with us next week! Hopefully she will be here by Tuesday.
I am going to start watching one of my friends little boy on Monday! I can't wait!
I was looking for a way to make a little extra money (you know to support my Hobby Lobby addiction) so I asked around to see if I could find one kiddo to watch during the day.
I didn't get any leads so I just let that idea go. Then Abby called me on Wednesday and asked if I would keep her little JP for a year until he starts school!
He's just a little older then Josie and I am still going to be able to go to the pool, play dates, and all the other fun stuff I planned to do with Josie this Summer.
So expect a new little face around here soon!


Dawnelle said...

found your blog through 9 is fine- we do foster care (no adoptions... yet) too. :) Cute post- we love blueberries!