Week Two

Tomorrow will mark 2 weeks since Karmen came to stay with us.
The first week was a breeze.
This past week was a bit more challenging.
Karmen did a lot of crying. And not just a baby cry, she just holds this awful pitched noise for as long as she can. It was stressful and tiring and pretty annoying.
I can pinpoint when she started doing it. It was after the surprise visit with her aunt (the woman who was pretty much raising her before she came to us).
We got a call in the morning from the caseworker that the judge wanted to do separate visits with the birth mom and the aunt so that Karmen could have time to bond with each of them individually.
Fine by me, except for the fact that this poor baby girl now has to be reunited and then separated from her family every week instead of every other week.
She is way to young to know what is going on, but she is defiantly old enough to know that she is not with her family.
But it is looking like she will be going to live with the aunt again at some point this week.
The reason Karmen had to come to us was that the uncle felt is was just too much for him and his wife to care for Karmen long term. They are older and retired. But something over the past two weeks changed his mind and they are going to finish up getting their home approved and as long as it all goes well, she will be going back sometime between tomorrow and Wednesday.
I know I will miss her and I'm sure Josie will too.


Kameron said...

It must be hard especially not knowing how long you will have a foster child in your home. I would really like to foster at some point, but I am afraid I will get too attached each time. How do you handle it?

Lani said...

Sorry to hear that it has been a rough week. Hopefully it will work out for Karmen at her aunts again before going back to her mom.

Have to tell you I lOVE the new picture!! Beautiful!!!!