Dog Bait

That's what my leg was last night.

We dropped the girls off at Kira's mom's house before the concert and as soon as I walked in the door, their Chow Pit mix attached itself to my foot. When I screamed he backed off, only to reattach himself to my thigh.
It hurt like hell and he totally ripped my fancy jeans, but I did my best to laugh about it.

The dog bit Andrew a couple weeks ago too.

I was hoping it would feel better after I put ice on it last night, but it hurts really bad today.



ashleyjnc said...

Ouch! Be very careful with infection threat.. cleanse it well with iodine & alcohol and be sure to apply plenty of antibiotic ointment.

Is lil miss Josie & Karmen safe around the dog!? I am a big animal person, but Pitts can be VERY temepermental and attack without being prevoked (as you well know!)

I wish I was closer to hotlanta the hall & oates concert looked really fun!

Kayla said...

That's insane.

We had to put Buster down for that very reason. He was a boxer/pit mix and he was always a good dog and had never bit anyone. When he got old, though, the pit came out and he just went insane. We put him down last June, and we think it was the best decision possible...we did not want anyone to get bit!

Betsy said...

Oh no! I have never been bit by a dog. Take care...what are the owners going to do?

Kameron said...

I'd be worried about dropping the girls off around that dog!!! Wow, I hope you are feeling better.