Hall And Oats!

Jeremy and Kira called us last night to see if we wanted to go to a concert with them.

Are you kidding me?!? I spend most my time with two children who poop in their pants!
Of course I want to get dressed cute and go out with adults!

It wasn't until we were getting ready to go that I asked who was playing.
We had to go google Hall And Oats to see who they were. (Maneater, Your Kiss Is On My List, Sarah's Smile)
The show was at Chastain, which is pretty much the coolest place to go to a concert at. It's small so all the seats are great (ours were really great, right in the center!). And we had table seats so we got to bring in dinner and wine. People get really into decorating their tables. Next time we go, Kira and I are going to make sure we hook it up!
We stopped at Whole Foods and got our picnic supplies and were on our way.
When we walked in they had just started playing Maneater! I was so excited!Jeremy said he felt like he was in an elevator and Andrew spent a good portion of the time researching the history of Hall And Oats on his I-Phone.
But Kira and I, we had a blast! Between showing off our white girl dance moves and drinking our wine out of dixie cups (we forgot wine glasses!) we had an amazing time!I declared Hall And Oats my new favorite band as we were leaving. The show was so much fun!
People get really into decorating thier tables too. So next time we go, Kira and I are going to hook it up.Concerts are always better when they are free!

And date nights that involve more then just a slice of pizza? Pretty much my new favorite!


Brooke said...

OK, this post made me feel so old. Did you really have to Google Hall & Oats? Oh, I'm not that old, am I?

Glad you had a good time out.