Our Healthy Pipsqueak

I finally took Josie in for her 24 month check up. I was only a month late, but we were on vacation so getting proded and poked was on the backburner for awhile!
I was actually a little nervous about what the doctor was going to say about her being so little. Heck, the kid still weighs the same as she did when she pulled up in our driveway 16 months ago!
21.8 pounds, 33 inches long, with a big ole head!
She is growing in height right on track for a premiee. And her weight is on the low side, but still in the healthy range so no worries.
She is not a fan of the doctor's office so I've been prepping her for the past 3 day. I went over what the doctor was going to do and we role played looking in eachothers ears and mouths. She seemed totally ok with the impending visit, and when she held it together in the waiting room I got all excited that she was doing so well.
Then we got called to the back and she lost it.
So I went over what she had to let the doctor do if she wanted to get the sucker I promised her. She screamed her head off the whole time the doctor was in the room, but we survived and so did he.
God bless pediatricians!
No vaccinations, but he did order a stupid blood test to check her metabolism. Just to be safe. So I will have to hold her down while a stranger sticks needles in her next week.
Let me tell you how excited I am about that.
Because the visit caused so many tears, we headed to McDonald's for a treat and then stopped by Everett's house for a impromptu play date. I can do that now that I don't have to rush back to work! My girl can rock some army wear!
She even got to see PawPaw and Nana! They just love Josie. And I'm pretty sure the feeling in mutual!And did you catch that it's t-shirt weather again?
30 degrees and snow + 5 days later = 75 degrees
Gotta love winters in Georgia!


Kameron said...

I feel like my kid is huge after reading about Josie and TemTem's 2 year visits! He was almost 27 pounds and 34.5 inches tall at 18 months! At least you guys get more use out of the clothes you buy!!