Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!

I took Josie up to the library on Saturday to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday.
I wasn't sure what to expect, but thought it would be good to get out of the house and I knew Josie would love to see Everett.
I was so impressed with the program! Not only is the Children's Library set up so fun for the kids, but the party was put on very professionally! We are definitely going to start going to that library a couple times a month for story time. The Cat In The Hat acted out the whole book! He was excellent!
Josie is usually scared of people dressed up like animals, but she didn't take her eyes off of the Cat In The Hat. The program lasted a little over an hour and she actually sat still the entire time!She even got called up to help the Cat In The Hat make his magical cake.
I couldn't believe that she actually went to help!And what is the Cat In The Hat without Thing 1 and Thing 2?!?!After that story was over, they read Green Eggs and Ham and the kids got to eat, what else? Green Eggs and Ham!
They totally dyed Josie's teeth green and she got the food coloring all over her dress, but it was worth it to see her having such a great time!Then we all sang Happy Birthday (we actually had to sing it about 5 times!) and everyone got cake!Enough singing! Give us some cake!This was so much fun!I decided that I wasn't going to keep my iPhone. I just couldn't justify the Internet charge. So I spent the afternoon dragging my napless toddler to 5 different phone stores trying to return the iPhone and then trying to pick out what I wanted instead.
Have I ever told you how bad I am at making decisions?!?!
So to ease my troubled soul, we went to snuggle our Doodle Bug.She is such a little peanut!
And these feet?!?!? Delicious!This little guy didn't get to be the baby very long!
He's OK with sharing the spotlight with Matalie though.This was the first time they laid eyes on each other.
We figured we'd better get a picture of it just in case they end up getting married.
We're all about arranged marriages in this group. We want to know our in laws!

We have another crazy busy week coming up.

Consignment sale prep, Children's Museum, St. Patrick's Day Parade, and my Mom is coming through town on Sunday!

And I thought I was going to rest when I started staying home!


Kameron said...

She has the cutest cheeks. I would havewanted cake too if I'd sat still for an hour!! That would never work with mine...unless I had slipped some Benedryl into his sippy cup.

bri said...

hahaha good luck with the resting bit!

Sounds like such fun times. I would take our boys to the library but... there's two of them and both VERY active! I would have to take body guards to protect everyone!!! haha

Crystal said...

Looks like the library did a great job on the party! Cake and everything!

BUSY week for you for sure! Hope you have a blast!