Miss Matalie

Wednesday Josie and I headed to the hospital to get our Matalie fix.
Well, I needed a Matalie fix, Josie needed an Amy fix.
I swear Amy has cast some sort of spell on my child!Matalie is as cute as she was when I saw her 12 hours before this visit. Not that I thought her cuteness could ever fade. And while I know we are all head over heels for her sweetness, this Big Brother is completely smitten!I don't think he fully understood what was going to happen when Amy had the baby, but now that he can see her, he is her main protector!

My phone broke right after we got home so I have been totally out of touch with my buddies for 24 hours.
But my AMAZING hubby brought me home a nice present today... An IPhone!
I love it!
But I'm a little intimidated by it. And I'm not sure if I'm going to use it enough to warrant the internet charge.
I have 30 days to make up my mind. So I will be admiring it for at least that long!