She's HOW old?!?

While brushing my sweet little monkeys teeth this morning, I noticed something that I have been willingly forgetting: Josie is 21 months old today!
When did that happen? Didn't she just have her first birthday? I'm pretty sure she just began to eat solids and take her first steps yesterday. Didn't she?!?
In just 3 short months, Josie will add another candle to her cake. I've already begun preparations for a grand celebration, so I'm not sure how I neglected to realize that time is going by so fast. So in an effort to freeze time for just a little while, here's a brief list of Josie's current silliness and new things she's doing:
- She LOVES to talk! (even though we still don't understand most of what she says!)
- She refuses to sit in a highchair
- She says, "don't push" anytime we put a hand on her while she's walking
- She sings "A B" but still refuses to go any further. She gets very upset if we keep singing after that!
- She loves all pasta, tomato soup, french toast, and cheese
- She does not like meat or most veggies (we mash them into her mashed potatoes and she's none the wiser!)
- We have resorted to reverse psychology already! ("Oh, don't kiss your Daddy!" guarantees a kiss for Daddy!)
- She still uses that dang paci, but it is now only for night night (or severe melt downs in public places!)
- She ends up in time out about 1x per day. It still works to correct her behavior immediately.
- She LOVES to read "Babies", "Goodnight Moon", and "Where's Elmo"
- She makes a pig sound anytime she sees a coin (indicating a need to put it in her piggy bank)
- She loves to go see Boomer as long as he doesn't touch her
- She feeds her babies everyday
- She likes to "cook" and then feed us her creations
- She is still wearing 12 month clothes. Tops fit perfect, bottoms are still big in the waist and are starting to get too short
- She is obsessed with her Aunt Amy and asks for her every time we get in the car.
- She can pull her pants up by herself (and unfortunately can pull them down as well!)
- She goes to daycare 2 or 3 days a week, spends Monday's with her "Nanny", 2 days with Andrew, and 2 days with me.
- She thinks it's hilarious to give out spankings
- She just started to really play by herself and to act out things with her babies and other toys

I'm sure the list could keep going. She makes us laugh everyday at how sweet and sour she can be! She is a full fledged, Independence seeking, toddler! Slow down baby girl. No need to grow up so fast.


Anonymous said...

Thats because her Aunt Amy rocks! An gives her sugar when need be. :)