Bitten By The Bug

After stalking Amber's blog list I have officially been bitten by the decorating bug! We moved into our brand spanking new house last August and since then, all I have done is paint Josie's room. I have had tons of idea of what I would like the end product to look like in about 20 years, you know, that look that really says a family lives there. Cozy, warm, inviting, with little surprises tucked away. The problem lies in getting from blank walls to that end product. And since Andrew and I have banished all credit cards from our vocabulary (and have done so for over a year now! Yea us!), I have an even more difficult task on my hands.

So, let the creativity and thriftiness begin! Girls, anyone up for a little flea market or antique shopping?!?
I plan to make our homes transformation over a very long period of time, but I have already started to design what I want to do.
Andrew is giving me a "curtain allowance" every two weeks so that I can save up for curtains. I think that this alone will make the house so much more cozy! My mom got Josie these sweet curtains for Christmas already so that knocks her room off the needs curtains list!How cute are those!?!

Over the next couple months we are saving up to decorate our sad bedroom that houses only our bed. We are going to get a dresser, 2 night stands, 2 lamps, and a shelf for the wall. I want some type of art in there, but haven't seen anything that was perfect just yet.
I really want to transition Josie's room into a toddler/little girl room, but she is still pretty little. And with her room being upstairs it makes me a little nervous to give her free range at night, so I think that will have to wait until at least her 2nd birthday.
I am going to start looking for a bench for our entryway. My aunt has the coolest old church pew as a bench at her house and I love it! Maybe we'll get lucky and find something like that at an antique shop or a flea market.
We are also having a custom bookshelf/buffet type piece made for what would be a breakfast room. It's going to be amazing! The man making it is up in Minnesota though, so we won't be able to get it until I convince my mom and Bill to make a drive down to see us (and tote a major piece of furniture with them!)
Other then that, I just think it will be small bits that will turn our beautiful house into a cozy home!

As Amber said, I can't wait for Christmas because all the decorations make the house seem so much more put together!
What little touches have you done that made your house feel more like a home?


Elizabeth said...

Heyyyyyy!!!! Love your ideas of wanting to do it the "thrifty" way. I'm always on craigslist looking for stuff. Hit up that website and you're bound to find something. Promise! :)

Anonymous said...

I did not take Luke out of his crib until he was 3. I would wait until then especially with her being upstairs

Amber said...

Cheap is the way to go...I swear, I have only paid full price for two things in my house. I love places like Ross and Marshall's for accessories. I can always find stuff in there. They have great prices for throw pillows. It does take time to decorate an entire house. I started collecting stuff years before we even got married. My number one rule is don't be afraid to move stuff around and I'm not just talking about furniture. You never know how much you might like it somewhere else. Wal-mart is also a great place for curtains. They have a good selection and it's Wal-mart prices. I got a sewing machine last year for Christmas just so I could learn how to sew curtains and slipcovers. I haven't started yet, but that is something to think about especially since you already know how to sew. And I am always up for the flea markets and yard sales. I believe you can make anything pretty with paint! Good Luck and have fun with it!