Waffle Eat Off 2008

The perfect Waffle House Family!
The Waffle Eat Off was SO much fun! Andrew had a great turn out and everyone enjoyed themselves. Watching everyone stuff waffles in their face as fast as they could was pretty hilarious! And man, did they ever get into it! The winner ate 7 waffles in 6 minutes and that was AFTER eating 2 others to qualify earlier in the day! Now that's talent!Josie sported her new Waffle House shirt and, of course, she was the hit of the event! Top Waffle is a prize that is awarded to the validictorian of Waffle University. Andrew was beat out for the prize by 1/2 a point when he was in the University, but Josie is his Top Waffle!! Somehow Amy talked me into taking Josie down the big slide. The slide was about 30 feet tall and seriously leaned to the left! If I look a little scared in the pictures, its because I was! And after going down 4 times, I could hardly walk when I got back on the ground!The Waffle Princess!There were 2 different bands that played. The first one was a little hard for me, but the second one did a bunch of great songs! Josie and Luke danced to both bands the entire event! No wonder she took 2 1/2 hour naps the next day!This is my all time favorite picture of Luke! I ask them to smile, and this is what I get!We were so proud of Andrew for finding a way to plan another amazing event! He always does such a great job!


nathalie said...

wow...this is some waffle eating!!! what a pretty little one you have!!!!

Dee said...

oh how cute!! And that looks like so much fun!

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