Ean Agustin Glover

Ean Agustin arrived at 8:32 on Friday November 7th, 2008 and he is the picture of perfection.He is so tiny and sweet. Josie and I spent over an hour with the Glover's on Friday night and he never made even a whimper. He seems so content and is just lovely.Everett is the first big brother in our group of friends! He was only interested in the baby every now and then, but he hadn't seen his buddy Josie in awhile, so he was a little preoccupied!
It was fun to have so many good friends there to help welcome this new life into the World. We have such amazing friends!
Ean is the first newborn I've ever met, especially since he was only 9 hours old the first time I held him! It is such a huge reminder of how special life is. He reminds me that we all can have fresh starts. I pray that his life is a continued blessing to everyone around him and that all his dreams come true!
When we woke up on Saturday morning, Josie had me wrap up her baby in a blanket, all snug, just like Ean was. I think she may be ready for a little brother or sister. Well, I thought so until she threw her baby against the wall.
Maybe we'll wait a little longer!