Pictures Postponed

Just one more Not Me! Monday...

I am NOT really really really agrivated that "somehow" my camera cord ended up in Andrew's bag so now I can't upload the super cute pictures from Ean's first day on Earth, Josie's amazing dance moves at the eat off, OR her adorable new pea coat that I got her this weekend until tonight.


So come back in the morning to see said amazingly cute pictures.


Amber said...

Thank you. I still wasn't sure how exactly to link it. Josie looked adorable on Saturday. We told David's brother that we were going to get you to make him a shirt so he could wear it to the waffle. I so need you to make me one when we have a baby.

Kameron said...

For some reason there's no where to leave a comment under your Not Me! post. Loved your not mes!