"No Me! Lunas"

Time for my weekly therapy session...

Those who know me, know that I am slightly neurotic about certain things. I know that it wasn't my neurosis that caused me to slightly panic over picking out my Election Day outfit. I didn't feel it was mandatory that I wear Red, White, and Blue for such an occasion. That would make me a wee bit loony tunes.

I did not feel a little scared, a little excited, and a whole lotta grown up as I cast my ballot on Tuesday. Voting does not mean that things in this country are going to change at least a little no matter who wins. And change does not ever make me nervous.

I didn't almost cry when I looked down at Josie and realized that she would be FIVE the next time I vote for a President. No part of me wants to freeze time and have her stay just the way she is.

I did not win a beach suit for Josie, new hair clips, and digitally designed Christmas cards during all my blog contests last week! This did not justify all the time I spent entering such silly contests.

I was not even the slightest bit miffed when Amy didn't come to work on the day that I wore my super cute new outfit. I don't fish for compliments and ashma issues are WAY more important then my outfit.

I totally understand that elections bring out the worst in people, so it wasn't me who was intensely aggravated at all the racist comments being thrown around Andrew's store (and the rest of the South) this week. It doesn't scare the hell out of me to know that my daughter will very likely have to deal with such comments in her life. It won't be me that will have to do bodily harm to anyone that hurts my baby girl. Our country STILL has SO SO far to go when it comes to racism.

I did not get to help welcome this sweet, adorable, makes me wanna have another one right now, little man into the World. I was not completely awestruck at the thought of how pure and innocent he was just hours after breathing his first breath!

Welcome to the World Ean Agustine. I can't wait to watch you move mountains.

It surely wasn't me who finished off Amer's Chili Cheese Fries. Nope, I am a very healthy eater and indulgences like chili cheese fries are reserved for those people who have excellent excuses to eat them such as, "I'm pregnant and the baby wanted chili cheese fries." They are NOT for girls who work at a desk all day and rarely do any form of exercise. So I did not eat them.

Saturday was the big Waffle Eat Off at Andrew's Waffle House! I know it wasn't Josie and I that you saw all decked out in our yellow and black Waffle House gear complete with "I'm A Waffle House Kid" and "I love Waffle House" buttons. I'm sure I did not make Josie a Waffle House shirt just for the occasion either. We're not that supportive! (Oh wait, yes we are! And Andrew did an AMAZING job with the event.)


Brooke said...

Great Not Me! confessions this week. I am just a wee bit neurotic myselg. And can I say again how darn cute your daughter is - she needs to be on the cover of a magazine or work for Baby Gap. Too cute!