What's In A Name?

The Glovers just did a post about the meaning of names. You should check it out, they did a lot of research on the different names for God and what each of them means. It's really cool.
So it got me wanting to learn the meaning of our names:

Andrew - Greek : Man or Warrior
Nathaniel - Hebrew : Gift from God

Nicole - Greek : Victory of the People
Marie - Hebrew : Bitter (what?!?! Thanks Mom!)
***UPDATED***Many thanks to Jason who just informed me that the 2b definition in Webster is "relentlessly determined" Now that sounds more like me!

Josie - Hebrew : He will Enlarge
Kathryn - Greek : Pure

Andrew's is fitting since he has a warrior mentality and is definatly a man's man. I'm not so sure about mine! I mean, I know I can be a pain, but bitter?!? I sure hope not! I am quite the victor though!
I really love Josie's. Since we were praying so hard for children, I find it just lovely that her name means God will enlarge or give more of. And she is most surely the purest of the pure. My little Josie Kat.
And our last name Pope: well, it's Latin for Papa or Father.
My maiden last name was more interesting: Purmort is French for Pure in Death. I guess that means I get to die pure. Works for me.


The Glover Family said...

The (2b) definition of bitter in Websters is:

"being relentlessly determined"

Maybe you should use that one...lol