Waffle Eat Off 2008

You know you wanna be there!
This is going to be a great family event; carnival games, blow up jumpies, door prizes, and of course the Waffle Eat Off! (leave a comment if you need better directions!)
How many can YOU eat?!?!


Amber said...

Thanks! It's funny you say that. I told David that last time we saw y'all that if your renter moved out I wanted to go live in y'alls old house because I always loved it. Yes, were trying for a baby,but as you understand...it can be so frustrating. Please keep praying for us.

I meant to tell you the other day. I get my haircut at a place called Kristen Karl Salon on Jonesboro Rd. A lady named Elaine cuts it. She's the oldest lady there but she always cuts it exactly like I ask. It's $30 for a shampoo and cut. The MIL goes to her also and she gets her hair cut, colored, and highlighted for about $96. So her prices aren't too bad. I have her number if you need it. Hopefully we will see you guys soon!