The Boys

Ever since we started to do foster care we have heard lots of reasons why people don't step up to help these kids that need a home. No time, no room, no money, too busy, too lazy, all the kids have issues, I'd get too attached. You name it, we've heard it. No matter what the excuse, it doesn't change the fact that these kids need a place to stay, a person to hug them, a reason to have hope. The problem is big, too big for one person to fix. But if 1/2 the families I know would take in one child, even if it was just temporary, it would make a huge impact. No matter what your situation or the level of comittment you can offer, DFCS has a child that would fit your life.
Ever since T placed Josie in my hands, the realization of what her life could have turned out like is a constant reminder of the fact that I have to die to selfishness and remember the kids that so many of us have forgotten. There's no doubt that people don't want to think about the kids that are abandoned or abused, but they are out there whether you acknowledge them or not.
So it's my personal mission to inspire others to open their hearts and homes to these orphans.
And just to prove that there is nothing wrong with these children, here are a couple pictures of the kids that have entered our hearts through foster care. All perfectly healthy, lovable, and sweet.