Happy Birthday Baby!

Our little ladybug is officially one year old! We are going to take her picture every year on her birthday by this wall so we can watch her grow!She was still a little sleepy when we took this! She is spending the day with her Nana and tomorrow I will be off. We have to go get a ton of shots for her 12 month check up in the morning which will be sad, but then we get to go sign all the adoption paperwork and that will be awesome! Then we just have to wait for the lawyer to call us and give us our court date, then...She'll be a Pope!We finally got to turn her carseat around this morning! It was so funny. The whole way to her Nana's she kept saying, "Uh Oh, Uh Oh!" I don't know if she was talking about the cars coming at us or what. As you can see by her face, she wasn't quite sure what to think of this new veiw on the world!
Happy Birthday Baby Girl!