One Year Check Up

We had quite an eventful day yesterday. Josie had her one year check up and she is perfectly healthy. She is about 27 inches (I forgot to write down the exact measurement) and is only 19 lbs. She's petite, but in the normal height and weight range for a 12 month old. The poor thing had to have 5, yes 5, shots and get her blood drawn. It was the saddest thing I've ever seen. She did not understand why I was letting that lady hurt her! But the nurse went really fast and Josie was fine once the nurse left the room.
The doctor ordered some lab tests to recheck her calcium levels since they haven't been checked since the other family took her to the hospital. We'll do that sometime next week. Other then that, everything was fine!
After that we picked up Andrew and headed over to DFCS to sign the adoption paperwork! Everything is now moving. We should hear from the lawyer sometime this week and T said we'd have our courtdate by the end of the month! We thought it would be April before we actually got to finalize so we are super excited that it's moving so fast!
We got a temporary birth certificate stating her name as Josie Pope! We are so close to it being official now!
Then we went up to the church and worked on the Kid Friends material. On the way home we were trying to decide if it would be cheaper to eat out or buy some groceries for the next couple days. Since we are leaving for 9 days tomorrow we weren't sure. But we decided to stick to our budget and go get some groceries. Well, when we got out of the store, we discovered that we had locked the keys in the car. 1/2 an hour and $55 later, we decided that it would have been a lot cheaper to just eat out!
We leave tomorrow!!!! I can't wait!!!! I've been really stressed lately so the time away with family is very much needed.