Orientation Is Scheduled!

Well, we are on our way. We are having an orientation at DFCS on August 21st at 4:30. We will be meeting with Ms.Moore about the IMPACT program and foster/adoption. I am not exactly sure what all will be covered in that meeting. Ms.Moore seems so nice on the phone. She has been very efficient calling me back and getting me information. I wonder if she will be our case worker. I am going to a consignment sale tomorrow night to get some basic baby supplies. With any luck, we could be placed with a baby by Christmas. I know that it will most likely be a bit longer then that, but you never know. And I want to be ready when we get the call!
I told my mom last night that we are proceeding with the adoption. She was supportive (like always!) I know she will love that baby just the same as if I gave birth to it. I can't wait to watch all of our parents spoil the baby!
I will keep you all updated on how the orientation goes!