A Mother's Love Is Peace

It need not be earned, it need not be deserved.

Andrew and I had an excited weekend. I went to a consignment sale to try to get a few baby things. It was harder then I thought it would be since we really have no idea what age or sex the baby we are matched with will be. I got a couple little sleepers and some books. I also got a few things from Target to start babyproofing the house. We'll have to have a few basic things done before October when our case worker comes to see our house. In October we will also have to go ahead and get a carseat and a crib.
My Mom, Grandma, Pearl, Suzy, and Robbin are all coming to spend the weekend with us. I am so excited! I'm sure we will have a blast. The next weekend we are going to Flordia to stay with my Dad and then we will be starting the IMPACT classes. Time seems to be dragging by now that we have decided to go with adoption, so I am glad we will be busy these next couple of weeks.
Tomorrow we go in to the DFCS office to have our orientation with Ms. Moore. I am praying that it goes smoothly and that we get some of our questions answered. We are only interested in adopting at this time and not in becoming foster parents. I know that the state really pushes foster parenting because they are in such need. Eventually, Andrew and I do want to be foster parents, just not right now.
So I'll let you all know how the orientation goes tomorrow. We have our appointment at 4:30. Be praying!