Andrew and I are getting ready to start the IMPACT classes. I called and spoke to a woman at DFCS this morning. She was pretty nice, so that took some of the stress away. I guess we'll see how they act once we are trying to adopt. We are going to the classes in Spaulding County. We know a couple of families that have adopted through Spaulding. The classes start on September 8th. We'll be there from 9-2! Geez! I'm interested to see if Andrew can sit still for that long! We will go every Saturday for a month. At the end of the month we will have our case worker come to our house to make sure we don't live in a box, and then we will be put on the adoption registry so that we can be matched with a child. We are getting excited!
We decided last night that we are not going to be picky about gender or race for the baby. When a child is presented to us as needing a home, those things won't matter. So I guess I may end up having to change the name of this blog if we end up getting a little boy!
I am going to contact Andrew's aunt so I can talk to her about thier adoptions and get some pointers.
Well, that is all the info we will really have until we start the classes. I'll keep you all updated about what we are learning once we start.