A Journey of a Million Miles...

begins with a single step.

On Saturday I attended a class put on by Faith Hope Adoptions at the church. It was great. Faith Hope Adoptions is an organization that helps people weave their way through all the steps involved in adopting a child. When Andrew and I first talked about adopting, we always thought it would be through an agency and that we would adopt a newborn. However, some recent events have brought us to a new place. We're now planning on adopting through DFCS (department of family and child services). We may still get a newborn, but we will most likely adopt a baby around 4-24 months old. Of course we won't know exactly until we are matched with a child. We really feel lead to help one of the children in foster care. To give one of them a permanant home. The adoption will be almost free since we are going through DFCS. It will also require more patience since we will be dealing with the state government. That's one reason I am so greatful to be linking up with Faith Hope Adoption since they will be able to answer any questions we may run into. From what I learned in the class, the state definatly doesn't make it easy. Which is insane to me considering the number of children that need homes today. So the class was great. We are going to the second part on September 15th. We are also going to start IMPACT classes as soon as our county has one open. These are required in order to adopt through the state. They are basically parenting classes, so that should be good! I need to call them today to see when the classes are available. During the class, they will also be compiling our homestudy. We have to prove ourselves to the state before we can be matched. The entire process, from starting IMPACT to bringing Josie home should take around 14 months. It could be as little as 4 though. We will just have to be ready for anything. Good thing I've been compiling baby supplies for the past 5 years! I will keep you all updated as we travel this road. I can't wait for everyone to meet her!