I grew up being told that I could be anything that I wanted to be.

But the only thing I wanted to be was a Mother.

So the day I sat across from a doctor and listened to her recite the unbelievably low odds of my ever conceiving ranks as the worst day of my life.

I spent the next 5 years trying everything in my power to create a life inside me, claiming God's healing over my blocked fallopian tubes, believing for a miricle. 

And when the doctor retested me in January of 2007 and found absolutely nothing wrong with my reproductive system, I knew I'd found my healing.

But months went by and we still weren't pregnant.

I had no idea that God was already working out my story.  

My child was growing in another woman's womb just 10 miles from my house.  

And I had no idea.

In August 2007, God put an intense desire in my heart to adopt through our county's DFACS system.  A desire that would not go away no matter how hard I pushed.  So Andrew and I took the classes and turned in our mounds of paperwork at breakneck speed.  Not knowing our daughter had been born 6 months before.

We woke up on October 2nd, 2007 still waiting for God to give us the desire of our hearts and went to bed that night as a family of 3.

Sweet Josie Kathryn. 

Born in February to a woman who never acknowledged her birth.  Abandoned.  Needing nothing more then a family of her own.

She showed up at our door and stole our hearts. 

The exact child of our dreams.  Right down to her curly hair and chubby checks.

She was perfect.

We were on the road of broken dreams and unfilled cribs.  She was headed towards a life of poverty and neglect.

But when God crossed our paths, all that changed.

If I needed any proof of God's exsistance, I found it in her.


Kelly Cook said...

Hi. I think I found your blog through a Google+ post about curriculum choices. We are also an adoptive, homeschooling family, and I grew up in Scottsdale. I don't live there anymore though.

We're using the Logic of English too.