Our Clubbin Cardigans


Friday Night was our monthly "Mommy's Time Out."

When I was getting ready I looked at Andrew with a sad face and said, "I look like such a Mom with my cardigan on."

When Amber pulled into the driveway, I felt a flood of relief when I saw she was wearing a cardigan too.

When we picked Amy up I laughed when I saw that she too was wearing a cardigan!

And Amber and I both about died when Tiffany AND Jacquline showed up wearing, what else?


Poor Sheena doesn't own one so she was way more stylish then all of us with our Mommy Uniform on!

During dinner, Sheena suggested we go clubbing for our next Mommy's Time Out. Amber did a little strip tease and informed us that her teal caridgan was in fact, her Clubbin Cardigan so she was good to go!

Amy, Amber, and I had a whole Mommy's Day Out and spent it shopping. Then we met up with the other girls for dinner at a popular Mexican place in town.

We weren't quite ready to go home after dinner so we headed over to Target for coffee and to walk around.

I had to laugh at us when I looked around and all I saw was my friends scouring the clearance racks for stuff for our kids! We didn't even look at our section!


We are doing a fun activity next month and I already can't wait! I love Girl's Night Out!


Kameron said...

No one told you it was part of our mom uniform? Did she feel left out as the only one without one on?? I would have! Ha!