Toe Pointer


Josie is l-o-v-i-n-g ballet.

And I am guessing that she is learning. I was only allowed to watch the first week. So now I spend the hour reading and listening to the other mom's tell the same stories every week to eachother.

I think if I started sharing my stories I might get kicked out so I just keep to myself.

Each week, when we get home, Andrew and I ask her what she learned.

She usually just talks about who cried or got in trouble or what sticker she picked at the end of class.

This week she said she learned to point her toes.



And once she started getting into it, she started teaching me upstage and downstage and how to properly twirl.

Which, according to her, I need to work on.






I cannot wait to see her in her recital costume!


kimmer said...

Josie looks like she is having so much fun! She is so adorable! Upstage, downstage, twirling and swirling..and pointing her toes!!! She has learned alot and deserves the sticker of her choice, indeed!!!

Lani said...

she is the cutest little ballerina!

bri said...

OH MY GOODNESS... SHE IS SCRUMPTIOUS!!! How cute she's trying to point her toes with her hands! LOL what a beauty!

Paige said...

Your little girl is absolutely beautiful! My three year old is also taking ballet! What fun times we are about to have with them!

The Swann's said...

What little girls are made of... Dreams of being a ballerina. She is one of the prettiest little ballerina's I've ever seen! :-)