His Little Ticker

It's been a year since Gabe's surgery.

I can't decide if that feels like yesterday or an eternity ago.

Maybe that's just how it is with things that monumental.  

I look at him today; running, playing, talking all the words.  The boy honestly never, ever is still until he goes to sleep at night, where he falls asleep fast and hard and wakes up ready to tackle the new day.  It's unbelievable to think that he only has half of a heart.  One ventricle doing all the pumping and oxygenating for that busy body.

We are under routine maintenance care now.

Going to see the cardiologist every three months for now with hopes of cutting back even more in the near future.  Last week we had one of those visits.

Finding a cardiologist out here has been trickier than I expected.

We found one when we first got to Arizona that was good, but we ended up switching insurance and that doctor wasn't on the new plan.  We ended up not really knowing who to go to, but after some hunting, we found a doctor just in time for his second Arizona appointment.

Obviously, Gabe's case is complicated.  We want a great cardiologist that we can stick with until he ages out of pediatric care.  His new doctor walked in and just had the Grandparent-esque feel to him. Gabe loved him, I loved him.  And bonus, he wants to immediately start working towards getting Gabe off these diuretics.  

umm, when did my daughter get so big?!?

Nothing new to report.

We go back in May just to assess how he is doing coming off the meds.  So glad to be in the part of this where we aren't waiting for a shoe to drop at all.