Well, hi.


Man, it's dusty around the old blog!

I've wanted to write, even started a few times, but our days have been so packed that it just didn't ever get finished.

We moved to Arizona for months like March.

The weather does this amazing metamorphis and everyday's forecast is the same: Sunny with a side of perfect breeze.  It's Spring Training here and Spring Break for much of the country, which turns Scottsdale into a Vacation Paradise.  Our town is packed full of people relaxing and having fun and, other than the parking situation, I can't help but jump on their vacation high.

But forget about all the other visitors in town, MY family is rolling in and out.  We've had so much company here and my heart is just busting that I get to be here for all of it.  Heck, I hosted a card game with all of my aunts the other night and couldn't even believe they were all in my house!  So fun.

We also had the best little treat:


Nora and Ralph stayed for a week and then Nora went to run the New York Half and we got to keep Ralphie for an extra week.  It was so much fun.  He left a couple of days ago and it's just not as fun here without him.

I've been missing Aaron a lot lately, so the timing was great.  It did my heart good to wake up each day to a little piece of him.  Not to mention he is the best behaved baby that has ever existed.  

So here's a peek at our busy couple of week.  Mostly pictures of Ralph because I'm a proud Auntie.

my mom and bill had a whole week with all 4 of their grandkids together!

Gabe has a bunch of fun stuff going on, like t-ball and starting a new school, so maybe next week my own kids will get some face time around here!


kimmer said...

Best week ever! Thank you for all the fun times!!!

Sweet Tea said...

I want to live in Arizona. it looks wonderful and you sound so very happy. What fun!

Kaia said...

Ralph is a cute little guy for sure! So glad you have him as a piece of your brother. It looks like he and Gabe got along well which made a thought come to me--have you guys thought about adopting another/more? Of course, your family is beautiful as it is :) Keeping you all in my prayers.

(Have to make up with a long comment for so rarely leaving one.)