Phoenix Science Museum

Last Halloween, I had the misconception that I could resume school as usual.

I mean, we had a good 11 hours between waking up and the start of trick of treating and I only needed 3 to finish school. 

I can't replay that day because I'm just now getting over it, but it did not go as planned.  It was rough.

And I vowed that I would observe holidays in the proper way from there on out.  So last week, on Halloween, we hit up the Arizona Science Center for some loud, crazy, slimy fun.  I bought a membership and know we will hit up some of the homeschool classes they do.  But this day we just ran around like crazy people and watched them explode a few pumpkins.

this is a model of the stomach and intestinethe intestine is a slide that farts when the kids slide through it.  it was slightly disturbing, but obviously my kids favorite part of the day.
this was awesome.  a video of a heart surgery is projected onto the body and there were displays of all the hearts and surgery tools.  I loved how much Gabe was into it.


Melissa Lee said...

Great site, and sounds and looks like the museum was great fun! wish we had that here where I am!
-Melissa A.L (Facebook We Blog For Adoption)