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What Is It:

First things first, I'm normally a firm believer in no Christmas until after Thanksgiving.  I like my holidays in order.  But one of my favorite holiday traditions is to have the kids unwrap a book each day in December.  It's a fun advent that we all get excited about each year.  And to keep things interesting, I like to add different books each year.  So when I heard about this Christmas book and what it was about, I knew it would be an excellent addition to our collection.

For this review we were sent a copy of David Nicholson's new Christmas book, If He Had Not Come.  This book is a different take on It's A Wonderful Life, where instead of the man not being born, it's about what the World would be like Jesus had not come.

This book was originally written by Nan Weeks and tells the story of what the World is like when a young boy wakes up and finds that Jesus was never born.  Everything in his town is different; no churches, no children's home, no decorations.  Now, for the first time in 55 years, the book has been updated and printed for a whole new generation to enjoy.  The story is geared towards kids ages 6 and up, although it is the kind of story that all ages will enjoy.  

There is also a guide to assist parents or teachers in leading a discussion with their kids about this topic.  The guide asks great, thought provoking questions that can be altered for whatever level your child is at. 

My Opinion:

I'm waiting to read this to the kids until closer to Christmas, so for this review I read the book myself.

I very much agree that this is a great book for kids ages 6 and up.  I will have Gabe sit with us while we read it, but the topic is a bit abstract for his age.  Even though he may not totally get what the deeper part of the story is about, the illustrations are sure to hold his attention.  This book is beautiful.

The story is pretty short.  The perfect bedtime story length. 

One special feature of this book that I know I will use with Josie is the questions at the end of the book.  I do love when a book can inspire us into a deeper conversation and this one is a great one for that.  The questions are simple, but will lead your child back to what the season is all about.

This is a book that we will pull out each Christmas to remember what it is all about.

Product Details:

Website: http://www.davids-treehouse.com/
Book: Hardback $18.95
           EBook: $3.99

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