Mobile Preschool

So it's no secret that I love Mother Goose Time.

Without it, Gabe wouldn't be getting any school time.  And honestly, he's 4 so that wouldn't really bother me, but after 4 comes 5 and we are planning to enroll him next year in the same enrichment school Josie goes to so he kind of needs to know some things*.  Like the difference between blue and yellow.

* forgive my excessive run on sentences.  yes, i homeschool and still can't get a handle on most grammar skills.

Mother Goose Time has been the perfect solution.  Little time from me needed with some major advances in his little brain.  My one problem has been all the awesomeness that comes each month and finding a place to put it.

Christy (you remember her, my almost Farm House neighbor?) is also using MGT and she came up with a fabulous idea for all the extra supplies and all that come in the box.  We are doing her exact plan.  So that left me with finding a way to use the Circle Time material without having to hang it up in my house.

I've told y'all before, I love homeschooling but do not love having school stuff all over the house.  It's just not my thing.  So when I saw someone use a tri-fold board to display the material, I was sold.

$3 and an episode of Law & Order later, I had a perfectly put away-able board to use with Gabe!

Each month, Gabe adds a new color bird and shape card to our board.  The flowers in his hand are his sight word and letter of the month cards.  The blank spot on the left hand side is where I clip the big letter card that we are working on that week.

It's working great for us! 

* we aren't using all of the circle time material.  i stink at doing calendar, so that's not on our board.  neither are the center labels, sign language chart, or weather tracker items.  i only added what i knew we would use.  just wanted to let you know that there is even more great stuff than this!


Anonymous said...

I love love love this idea of using a folding board! I homeschooled and raised six kids and am now doing it with my grandchildren. I love the idea of the board. It takes me two to three months to get through one month's worth as I do it when I see them and they love it. Great store away idea....I love it. Yes, I love Mother Goose...my 6 and 7 yo grandchildren love doing it with their younger sibs too and the 8 yo can "help" and play the games with the younger ones. Linda McGrath BC