Fair's Fair

I grew up in Minnesota, Home of 10,000 Lakes and The World's Greatest State Fair.

Every year I looked forward to the giant slide, the corn dogs, the roasted corn, Sweet Martha's Cookies (Bonnie, who is your hook up and how do I get included on that delivery list?).  That fair was the best.  We've made it back home for the fair a couple of times, but I've been seriously missing a good fair.

When I found out that the Arizona State Fair was right by Minnesota's on the Top 10 State Fair list, I knew we had to go.  And this week, I got my fix. 

Oh man.  It was a good, good day.

Post Fair Review:  Not as good as the Minnesota State Fair.  Too much breading on the corn dogs and not nearly as much to do.  BUT, the kids had a ton of fun getting to play games and ride the rides so it was an overall success.  Just keeping "Go Back To Minnesota In August For The Fair" on my list for 2015.