Settling In

A week after moving in and my house is box free!

Turns out, while I stink at packing boxes, I'm pretty awesome at unpacking them.  It was actually fun to open each one and get to see our stuff again.  We got rid of so much before the move that the things that made the trek West are the things I love the most so each box was filled with happy.

This house is the perfect set up for us.  Proven further by the fact that it was so easy to find a place for everything.  The hardest part was our school stuff, but not because I couldn't find a place for it, but because I had three different options that worked.

I can't wait to show you around, but first I need to hit the grocery store.  We are down to popsicles for breakfast and lunch is looking scary!  Here's a few peeks at some of my favorite little corners.


kimmer said...

Oh Boy!!! Looking great!! You work fast, my girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love your decor!

Michele said...

Just beautiful! So glad you are settling in! Enjoy your new home.