New House Tour

We are all settled in to the new house.

We took a solid week off of normal life to unpack boxes and hunt down furniture deals on Craigslist.  Today we resumed real life with school and tball and actually cooking instead of eating out.  I'm feeling very at home and comfy here.  I love the way the rooms are coming together and dang if I didn't feel the air starting to cool down yesterday (although it was still 95 so maybe I'm just adjusting).

I'm about to totally overload you on pictures.  But I'm a Blogger and that's one of our specialties.

The house is a great setup for us.  We didn't have to give up as much square footage as we were expecting to and this layout fits our life very well.

When you first walk in, there is an entryway and the living room in on the left.

 new couch that we basically stole from a lady that was leaving for new york 
the next day and had to get rid of it that night.

 i'm beyond proud of my gallery wall.  it's full of things that hold special
meaning for me, plus i got it right on my first try.  i love walking by this.

Then there's a big opening into the dining room and kitchen.  

The kitchen is what sold me on this house.  It's pretty much my dream set up.

ignore the boxes in the corner.  apparently i didn't purge enough before the move.

Through another opening is the hall with all 4 bedrooms.

To the left is Josie's and Gabe's rooms and a bathroom.

Oh, Josie's room.

She needs a bed and some storage options for the mass amounts of treasures she has to have.  We painted her room pink and she is in love with it.  I'm in love with the dreamy way the vine plays with the light through her window.

Gabe's room is the exact opposite of Josie's.

He doesn't like any toys, and I mean any, in his room.  Thankful he has a huge closet so we can store them in there.  His is getting painted, as well as ours, but I'm waiting for extra hands to get here in a couple months.

Down the hall to the right are the office and our room.

This is going to be Andrew's office.

I am using the desk in the kitchen and we decided against doing a separate school room.  I'm watching for a nice desk for in here, but for now it's a great place to put the things I'm not sure what to do with.

And our room, complete with my dream closet.

 our master bath isn't very master-ey.  we are making it work though.

My other selling point was the yard.

Most of the houses we looked at had tiny yards.  Which is something we were totally expecting.  However, we totally scored.  We have a huge, huge pad for biking and to use as a patio and a good sized grass area.  We haven't taken advantage of this space yet, but when the temps drop just a little lower, I'm expecting that we will be out here a ton.

Here's my laundry-less laundry room and storage area.

So that's our house!

We love it and are excited to see what memories it will hold for us.


Sarah said...

It looks so nice! We've moved so many times but I've never moved out of state...You are amazing to get everything done and put together so fast!