Moving In

I'm exhausted.

Totally, completely, unbelievably happy, but exhausted.

I spent the past three days floating around on some crazy New House Energy.  For real, it was like I couldn't stop unpacking boxes and exclaiming how much I love the new house.  Josie asked when I was going to quit saying that and I really just think the answer to that is never.

We haven't stayed the night yet, but we are getting close.  Probably tomorrow or Friday.  We all have beds set up now, however there are limited places to sit and I'm not sure I'm fully committed to doing school on the floor.

What I am sure of is that the house is starting to look like home.

I'm surprised how all of our things are fitting.  A major perk of getting rid of so much before the move is the things I brought are all things I love.  And how fun is it to finally get to put my Pinterest boards to use?!?

Anyways, here's a peek at my past few days.


Michele said...

Yay for you all! It is so exciting to move into a new home you love. One day at a time, you will get there! LOVE the floral curtains in your kitchen!