Who Are We?

Last night I walked over to the dry cleaners to pick up Andrew's shirts and had to laugh.

Dry cleaning?  What on Earth is going on?

We haven't even been here a month and already there aren't many parts of our day to day life that look like they did back in Georgia.  I guess that's what big moves are good for.  Fresh starts and new perspectives.

For one, we bike everywhere.

Like, as soon as Andrew pulls in the driveway, we all hop on our bikes (or the kids hop in the bike trailer) and we zoom around for a while.  When the kids and I got here, Andrew surprised me with this new beauty.  He found it on sale and knew I'd love it.

He was right.

I haven't had a new bike since I was, like, 11.  I'm on the hunt for a good wicker basket.  And I need a bell.

We have been having the greatest time exploring our new city on bikes.  Well, except for last week when Andrew's 5 mile trail turned into a good 12 mile trail.  I felt that one for a few days.

I had no idea that biking was this much fun.  Our nightly rides even inspired Josie to finally get the hang of riding without training wheels.  Which is a good thing, because it was getting a bit crowded in the trailer.

Long bike rides = long naps.

Happiness all around.

It's crazy to me how a decision that we'd had enough of Andrew's crazy job in Atlanta landed us here.

I haven't quite wrapped my mind around all that has happened this year.  It blows my mind that 5 months ago Gabe had just had open heart surgery.  I'm for sure in a season of reflection and often get taken back by huge waves of thankfulness.

Someone pinch me.

Of course, we've had a few growing pains.

We all miss our friends and are feeling ready to have our things out of storage, but overall, we've all adjusted really quickly.  We found a great church and the kids both start AWANAS next week.  I'm doing a women's study a couple times a month there too.  Between that and Gabe's new t-ball team, I think our days of not having friends here are limited.

As far as house hunting, we are looking, but aren't really in a huge hurry.

We check out the listing sites everyday just in case something awesome pops us, but we can stay at my Mom's until the end of October so we don't have to rush.  We almost rented out a house last week, but we both decided at the last minute that we weren't in love enough to move on it.  Staying at my Mom's is working out so well.  I can't imagine making a move like this without the option of staying here.

Y'all, this is our new library.

I die every time we walk in.  Which is a lot since it's 8 billion degrees outside and the library has AC.  They also have a cafe and a children's section that is in a separate wing, meaning I can sit and drink coffee and don't have to tell them to be quiet the whole time we are there.  They offer some excellent programs.  Josie is starting guitar lessons here soon and I'm planning to take her to a few STEM classes as well. 

This picture is a new favorite.

It's about a week old and I'm glad I shot it when I did because a few days later she didn't need Andrew's help at all.  Girlfriend got seriously mad that she wasn't getting the whole no training wheels thing and just took off this weekend!  It was kind of amazing to watch.  An hour later she was cruising right along side me to dinner.  Pretty proud of her.

That's all that's going on around here.

Off to go ride bikes again!


kimmer said...

Love your new wheels!!! So pretty!!! Let's find you an awesome basket...but go ahead and use mine if you'd like! And Go Josie, Go!! Look at her on that bike...so wonderful!

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Michele said...

So glad to hear you all are settling into your new life and all is well! Looks like fun!

jenn merfee-t said...

I adore the beautiful photographs and can completely feel your family's joys at being in a new wonderful place full of incredible possibilities. Thank you for sharing your adventures and inspirations.