Our Week

I've spent the past couple of days falling in love hard and fast for houses online then falling equally hard and fast out of love once I see them in person.

Turns out I have a few opinions about where I want to live.  Who would've thunk it?

But instead of hovering over our squatter status, I'll share some pictures from our past week.  It's been another fun one.


Lots and lots of bikes.  My view most nights is some variation of this:

y'all!  my baby is on two wheels!  like a pro!


We just wrapped up our bird unit in Biology.  We went to the park to observe and sketch some ducks.  However, I neglected to remember that Gabe is Gabe and the poor ducks weren't able to be still long enough for us to really do any natural observations.

We did learn they can be fast when a 4 year old is in the vicinity.

While he was of zero help at the park, he was a huge help in making our milk jug bird house.  This was more fun than I expected it would be.  Gabe is anxiously awaiting a "bwird" to move in.


Second week done.  We got in our September Mother Goose Time box and started a little early.  Our days are flowing very smoothly now that he feels more included.  I'll share more soon, but they redid their boxes and display material and it's really, really good.

Second grade is awesome.  That's the only word I can think of to describe it.  It's like lights are switching on in her head constantly.  Things we majorly struggled with last year are coming to her very easily this year.  I'm hearing all the voices of those who have been in the game longer than I have saying, "I told you to just give her time."  

No words.

Just a little girl winning all the tickets at Dave and Buster's.  Which is ten minutes from our house now.  We learned Josie will not be allowed in any casinos anytime soon.  She had a little too much fun on the slot machines.


I thought lakes and boats were a thing of the past after we moved to the desert.  But I think I've done more water sports in the past month than I did all of last year.  Andrew found a sweet deal on a boat rental in Tempe so we went out for a little while.  It was fun, but it's still way too hot to be out on a lake during the day.  Thinking we will redo this Family Fun Day in November.

It's official.

I'm a resident.

My Little Man.

Josie goes to school on Tuesday's and Thursday's now so Gabe and I get some quality one on one time.  He requests Subway and Target Popcorn most days.


Starbucks is a block from the house we are staying at.  A block.  I went so much the first two weeks we were here that I actually quit liking the way it tastes.  Kinda like smoking the whole pack of cigarettes to prove to your kids how disgusting they are.  Kinda.  Anyways, I found this cold brew concentrate at a local store and it's Heaven.

Second photo displays my sick addiction.  However, only one is an actual Starbucks.  The other is my homemade cold brew and the big one is water.


I haven't picked up a book to read for pleasure in months.  I'm ready so give me some suggestions.

Josie and I just finished Pippi in the South Seas.  We watched the movie tonight and it's so cute.  I like those older kid movies.  And my heart smiled when she said she liked the book better.  We've come a long ways since reading was akin to pulling teeth last year.

How was that all in one week?

No wonder I'm sleeping so hard out here!  I ended the week still homeless, but with a happy heart and this as my view so life is very, very good.

 Time to rest up for another fun week!


kimmer said...

So AWESOME!!! Looks like everyone is loving Arizona and I am so happy! What a fun-filled week!!!

Liz said...

Looks like life is good. :)

Book recommendation:
Anything by Jennifer McMahon (I read a bunch of her stuff for our library's adult summer, and they're good.)
Help For the Haunted by John Searles
Where'd You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple

Sarah said...

Second grade does rock!!! Hopefully you get to find your dream place soon...

Have you ever read any Kate Morton? Or Susanna Kearsley? My current obsession is everything Outlander (Gabaldon) 😊