2014 First Day of School Pictures

Gabriel Gordon - 4 Years Old
(biased opinion: he's the cutest little preschooler EVER!)

Josie Kathryn - 7 Years Old

Josie loves anything that has to do with crafting and creating.  I'm super excited to get her a sewing machine this year so she can start her fashion design career.

Here she is showing me how she wants the models to pose with the clothes she designs:


jenn merfee-t said...

My children pose with their decorated grade level number on paper. We do a similar favorites page and put it on the cover of their annual work portfolio. I love this idea! Thank you for sharing, as always. <3

Shannon (snapshotsbygidget instagram) said...

Love Josie's little maxi dress so cute and trendy! Great for a future fashion designer! :)

Gabe is such a doll, I love his smile. It brightens up the room. I bet daddy can't wait to work with him or pass his Waffle House on to Gabe!

Happy first day of school!