Summer Lovin

I miss Andrew.

A lot.

So far, the only thing I've found that can somewhat combat how much we are missing him is to stay busy with things we love to do.

As long as we keep moving, the hours don't seem as daunting, the days between here and there a little easier to manage.  We still don't have any offers on the house, which falls into the category of Summer Hatin' instead of Summer Lovin'.  We decided to lower the price pretty significantly last week so maybe that will bring the right family out.

In the meantime, here's a peek at what we are doing keep the blues away.

Gabe's love language is sporting.

Anything involving a ball makes his little munchkin voice shoot a couple octaves higher.  I signed them up for free bowling at http://www.kidsbowlfree.com/ and made his dreams come true.  We've only gone twice so far, but now that I'm not babysitting Emma anymore I'm planning to take them more.

My love language is chocolate.

Throw in peanut butter and all my troubles melt away.  Sonic does 1/2 price shakes after 8 during the Summer.  Normally my kids are snug in their beds by 8, so this is a major treat.  Or the sign of a majorly bad day.  Peanut butter fudge is my favorite and, hold on to your knickers, I crave these more than Starbucks.  

It's serious.

My Mom had a surprise layover on Wednesday so we scooped her up and went out to lunch.  

I'm craving family so this was a heart saver.  The fact that she came on a particularly hard day made it even better.  We only got to have a couple hours, but it was enough to refuel me for another round of this single parenting gig.


splash pad, nature walks, watching our baby birds grow, 
afternoons with friends, dollar movies

The kids also went to Vacation Bible School this week.

Well, Josie did.  Gabe went on Monday then proceeded to lose his mind at drop off on Tuesday.  So I lost my 4 free mornings, but gained some one on one time with Mr. Chatterbox.

This last one isn't something keeping us busy, but it is on my Top 5 Product list.

It's one of those, "Grab In Case Of A Fire" items.  

I heard about Printstagram from another blogger.  Basically, you link your account to your Instagram and can print out a book filled with 319 of your images for $25.  I have well over 1500 Instagram pictures so I was thinking I'd need a small library of these babies, but after sorting through them, there were just over 319 that I wanted in a book (I don't really need all of our dinners in there).  

Book 1 took me from when I started my Instagram feed to this past Fall.  And I'm totally in love with it.

Send us good house selling vibes!  

Maybe this weekend will be the one.


Nicole T said...

Hang in there, Nicole. You and your family will all be together soon. Andrew's job just worked out too easily, so God has a definite plan in the works here.

We love bowling, too! We live in a tiny town that doesn't host the summer bowling program. But, our little old-fashioned 10-lane bowling alley does have a league during the school year that we participated in this year. We bowled every Saturday morning for 9 months, then went to state tournament. And my two kiddos' team (with two others) won FIRST in the State of Missouri in their division! And my Eli won 5th in singles out of about 100 kids in his division. Did you know that 3 games of bowling is the equivalent of walking one mile? Good fun and good exercise.

Keep up the summer fun!

Michele said...

I have spent much time wothout my hubby due to military so I understand the lonliness- so sorry! I will be praying that the house sells fast and you are reunited soon. Glad you are having fun in the meantime- I would shrae chocoltae AND peanut better if I lived closer! ;)