First To Last

A little late, but you know I love a good comparison picture.

First day of school versus the last day.

Josie's appearance didn't change as much this year as it has in past years.  

Sure her little face is looking more grown up these days and she grew almost 3 inches, but most of her changes were on the inside.  She's become sensitive and loving and thoughtful in a more mature way.  She is learning to express herself.  It's been an interesting year as far as her friendships and watching her learn to navigate them.

She's still more of a follower in group settings.  She doesn't like to stand out too much until she's comfortable in the group.  I'm hoping this passes as she gets older.  She has such a cool personality and I want her to let it out more.

Having a little girl is both terrifying and thrilling.  I listen to her talking and realize that everything we say to her gets soaked in and becomes a part of her.  There's a whole lot of big changes happening in her life right now and she is handling it all with such grace.  Even when she's sad or confused about it, she is blowing my mind.  I'm so proud of this child.

As far as school, this year was huge.  


I got a front row seat to watching all sorts of lights flip on for her.  We started the year with math and reading being a big struggle.  She just did not get it.  Then somewhere around the Spring, she just started reading and doing math like she'd never had a problem with it.  It was awesome.  Every day I listen to her get better and better.  So cool.

Writing is still not something she enjoys.  I'm trying to find ways to make it fun for her, but not much peeks her interest.  Which brings me to my biggest lesson of the year.

I realized that when a kid is ready for a subject, they'll get it.  No matter how hard we push and nag and force it, if they aren't ready, they won't get it.  I'm still trying to help her move forward over the Summer, but in a gentle way.

I love this homeschool gig.  

That we all get to grow and change and learn together.  Even on the hard days, the days I'm sure I'm doing it all wrong, I wouldn't trade it for the World.

Look out 2nd Grade, we're coming for ya!


kimmer said...

Josie going into second grade...reading and doing math....hey, world, SLOW DOWN,