Review: Mother Goose Time

What Is It:

Mother Goose Time is a company that provides a complete preschool curriculum to daycares, preschools, and home schools.  They offer monthly themes that arrive at your door each month in this adorable box.  Tell me what kid wouldn't get excited knowing this was for them!

Each monthly kit comes with everything, and I do mean everything, you will need to teach your student for the month.  Each day's material is bagged together making is so easy to start.  You just grab that day's bag and start the activities!  Books, games, art, hands on learning tools, they are all in the bag marked for the day you are on!

In the first month's box, they also send a starter pack.

The starter pack includes all the elements for a super fun circle time.  Posters to help teach shapes, colors, number, ABC's, weather, and character traits are all included.  There is also a CD that has songs to teach months of the year, days of the week, and other things that preschoolers are ready to learn.  Everything is colorful without being crazy.

Each month's box is jam packed with material.

I was going to list it all out, but y'all, it's a huge amount of items.  You can see them all listed out HERE.  While it's a ton of teaching tools, it is all sorted in bags labeled for each day.  Seriously, all you have to do is glance at the teacher's manual and pull that day's bag out.

since we are moving, i'm only leaving out a few of the circle time posters.  we are using them all though and they are awesome!

How We Used It:

We get lots of curriculum boxes for Josie, so when I told Gabe this one was for him, he lost his mind.  He's been asking to start doing more school lately, but I've been slow to pull the trigger.  For one, he just had his surgery.  Two, it's so close to our Summer break I didn't want to start and then stop.  And three, well, I'm not as amped up to plan out all the themes again like I was for Josie.  I fully believe preschool should be messy and fun with lots to keep little hands busy, but I just haven't had the time to sit down and nail it all out.

So when I heard about Mother Goose Time, I knew I wanted to check it out.

Here's a peek at all that came in our first box:

my favorite component, a list of extra items needed listed by day.  huge time saver!

teacher lesson book, all laid out.  pick and choose what you want to do!

each day's craft, book, or any other material needed are bagged together.  making it so easy to just grab that day's bag and get started.

another favorite for me, the letter and number line is big enough to really see but small enough to not be overwhelming.  i love that he can have this up without it being an eyesore.

each month you get a new color wand.  josie was a big fan of dancing with the wand.

calendar numbers that correspond with the monthly theme.

an overview of what the weekly topics are and what units are in each.  this helped me plan any extras i wanted to do.

calendar labels

kid chef placemat

weather poster and cards

super cute map

dvd and 2 cd's (one comes in the starter kit, the other was for this month's theme)

Since we are selling the house and moving soon, I didn't put out all of our circle time material.  I am so excited to get settled somewhere and really get this up to use on a daily basis!  It's all so colorful and playful while still not looking messy.  I really love each part.

We got the box the day we left for Arizona so I packed the teacher material so I could look it all over on our trip.  I'm going to post our weekly activities so you can see all that is included.  Here's a peek though:

My Opinion:

I'm guessing from the section above, you know what my opinion is.

I'm in love with this curriculum.  From ease of use to level of fun, this box had it all.  It covered age appropriate material and Gabe had so much fun with it.  The crafts all being bagged and labeled made it so easy to make sure we didn't miss out on crafts.  I love that it includes all things I'd want to cover in preschool without an ounce of planning on my part.  There are even science experiments in some of the bags!

I'm hoping to make this a big part of Gabe's preschool.

* I'll be blogging what we do in each unit every week so that you can see what all comes in the box.  There was just no way to fit it all in one post!

Product Details:

Price depends on the number of students

See the 2014/15 Monthly Themes Here!

i received a monthly themed box in exchange for my honest opinion.  all opinions are strictly my own and no compensation was given.


Gidgets Bookworms said...

We did use some of Mother Goose it was cute,I liked that she learned a virtue each month and about other countries! I used mostly 1+1+1=1 Raising Rockstars Preschool along with You Can Read It was so great, had my now 2nd grader reading when she entered kindergarten! :)

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