Mother Goose Time - Backyard Bugs

We just finished our first preschool week with Mother Goose Time.

When I opened the first day bag, I realized they had included two sets of each craft.  Meaning they thought to include Josie.  I was so pleased and Josie, well, Josie was over the moon.  There is no craft too young for her to get in on.

We learned about ladybugs, spiders, grasshoppers, ants, and bees.  On top of our fun bug activities, Gabe is learning about rectangles, the color black, the letters B and S, and the number 9.  Each day takes us about 30 minutes and I feel like it's the perfect balance for him.

he's pretty proud of himself

jumping like a grasshopper as many times as he can (57) while Josie keeps count

i love that they prompt me to do things like this carwash.  again, i did this with Josie in preschool, but just haven't gotten around to it with Gabe.  He loved it!

Gabe's carwash inspired Josie to do some laundry.  I got over an hour of peace out of this simple activity!

Comparing sizes.  I'm learning some activities are too easy for him, but he did like matching them up.

I was impressed with this book.  I expected it to be a simple story, but it was super cute and pretty long.  Bonus: Josie can read it to him.

They were both mildly obsessed with the Dung Beetle.  They are Andrew's kids after all.

counting out blocks and making an anthill

This wasn't in the book, but we decided to make bugs out of rocks.  This was a big deal since I let them use my real craft paints instead of the washable kid paint.  

Josie did awesome.

Gabe may not have been ready.

Next week we are staring to learn about Bug Homes.

I peeked at the material and it's going to be another really fun week!

I know a few of you mentioned that you would be ordering this for your preschoolers.

My friend Heather, who blogs at Only Passionate Curiosity, and I decided it would be fun to do a link up so we could all share what we are doing.  If you decided to order and post what you're doing, come link up!  Maybe we can all find some great extension ideas.  Or just look at each other's crazy lives and know we aren't alone in this preschool game!


kimmer said...

This all looks like fun and learning at the same time! Awesome combination!!! I love seeing Gabes beautiful proud smile!!!

Sweet Tea said...

🎈Love this! :-)

Michelle said...

This is just adorable! Love that you found something that you both enjoy!

So, is this a month subscription?