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What Is It?
Trident Case Review
Trident Case is a company that provides cases for electronic devices.  They have a huge selection of iPhone cases and covers, iPad cases, and other cell phone cases.  The pattern and print options are huge.

For this review, we were sent the Kraken A.M.S. Case for our iPad Mini.  This case comes in seven colors.  I chose the pink case.  In addition to being cute, these cases boast some impressive protection.  Just to list a few; shock absorbing silicone, built in screen protector, port protection, dust filters, rain and wind proof, enhanced audio, and vibration protection.  These cases also meet military standards, which is about what I need to protect my device from my children.

How I Used It:

I've had my iPad for a little over a year and have had the same case on it the whole time.  

It wasn't a protective case so I was always a bit nervous letting the kids play on it without me right there.  I knew right when I opened the Trident box that I was going to be able to relax about that.  I couldn't wait to get it on!

The case was super easy to fit onto the iPad.  It comes in two pieces that interlock around the device.  It fit really snug and wasn't bulky at all.  I was surprised how light it was since a lot of cases can add quite a bit of weight.  

Both kids were given much more freedom with the the Trident Case on my iPad. 

I didn't worry about them dropping it or getting it sticky since the case was so protective.

My Opinion:

I really love this case.

I think it is well worth the price.  I'm confident my iPad is well protected and, hello, it's super cute!  These cases will be on our iPads and phones from now on.  I love having a case that is cute but so protective.

If you are in the market for a good protective case, check out Trident Cases.  There really are endless options to choose from and I know you won't be disappointed.

Product Details:

Website: http://TridentCase.com
iPad Mini Case  - $59.95

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kimmer said...

when I get my new phone, I want to get one of these! Thanks!