Documented - 5/10

Life This Week:

This week's theme was Resume Normal Life.

Gabe came home on Tuesday night and we jumped back into our planned activities the next day.  He's doing really well.  I've never been so happy to see a kid inhale his food.

We have packed up a lot of what we don't use in preparation for our big move.

It's a bit tricky since we don't actually know when the kids and I are headed out.  We do know Andrew leaves in a couple weeks so we are trying to get the bigger stuff where it needs to be before then.  He will fly back the week that we leave to finish the packing.  So basically, I'll be solo parenting and solo packing for the majority of the move.  Sounds super fun.

School This Week:

I shouldn't have bragged about how on track we were to finish school at the end of May.

Gabe's hospital stay threw us off, but I've decided that is no big deal.  So we may go a little longer than I wanted to?  Who cares?  My new plan is to double up where we can and just finish into June with anything we don't fit in.  I'm praying hard that our house sells in May, so that will make the rest of the year wonky anyways.

doubling up on school equals doubling up on caffeine.

We picked out a few new books at the library.

I'm trying hard to spark an interest in reading without pushing it.  It isn't something she will choose to do, but I'm hoping if we find the right kind of book she will start to enjoy it.  She can read, so I'm feeling good there.  Now it's about helping her find joy in it.

Gabe has been asking for more to do during Josie's school.

Which worked out awesome since I just got our first month of Mother Goose Time delivered!  I'm super excited about this pre-planned preschool curriculum.  It's very well put together and saves me so much time.  We did our first two days this week and I think we've found a winner!  I'll post a full review soon.

they sent us double crafts which pretty much made josie's whole world.

Going & Seeing:

Once we were outside the hospital walls, we had a couple really fun days.

First, we hit up The Rock Ranch for a field trip to learn about pond ecosystems.  We've gone to one other field trip there and they do an excellent job.  The kids got to spend some time at the pond doing some hands on learning, play with some worms at the compost lesson, and got to see a great illustration of food webs.

I sure am going to miss this group of homeschool buddies when we move.

Then Josie had her last day of Farm Fusion on Wednesday.

I can't say enough awesome things about Holly and her program.  Not only did Josie learn a lot about agriculture and get to do some great crafts, she blossomed under Holly's encouragement.  Josie is very social, but she's a follower.  She doesn't like to get up in front of her peers and share her work without knowing it's exactly like theirs.  This class really helped her come out of her shell and write about what she wanted to.  She went from not wanting to share to getting up and reading her own work.  I'm so grateful that we found Ms. Holly.  She's another thing I will truly miss.


kimmer said...

Great photos...as always!!! My favorite:::Gabecwriting his name...that is so wonderful to see! I'm SO HAPPY that he's feeling better and better! Love to all!